Offer up your beating heart.

My precious Grass Gym babies! After spending weeks angrily drunkenly tenderly breeding them, I drew them all once they’d hatched.

Now that they’re all fully evolved with their final movesets, I drew them again. They’ll always be my little hatchlings, even now that they’re monsters. 

Giant flower for their 15 meter boyfriend.

This is actually old, but I just found it, so here’s my late contribution to Ereminkasa Week Day 1! The theme was flowers. 

We’re still so happy you were born.

(Late birthday art for the titan husband, oops!)

I read somewhere that, in earlier drafts of the manga, Eren knew that he could transform into a titan all along. Nothing will convince me that he would not have abused that power.

Cute kids in love with the world.

what if i posted art on here

This blog might actually become something!

tl;dr, I’m gonna start posting a lot more, mostly Hetalia OCs and Shingeki no Kyojin stuff. Also some writing hopefully?

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Shameless cardverse fluff WIP!

Shameless cardverse fluff WIP!

The Wendigo

The Wendigo